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This article is designed to let the players understand how the asteroid moves in the Oort Cloud, and also to lets the players have an idea of how the Oort Cloud looks like as well as how it works.

In the Oort Cloud, asteroids move in a jump-like fashion. They can change speed and the direction of movement. See Maneuver the asteroid.

One jump is done on an hourly basis. The distance of one jump is 123,840,672,292 km if the player's asteroid speed is at 1. If the player changes their speed to 2, the jump distance will be multiplied by 2, 3 is for speed 3, etc.

asteroids jump once an hour, but during this hour they speed up, and then stop without changing their coordinates. This affects a radar update, which is updated once every 10 minutes if more than 2/3 or new area (real coordinates) is covered. The radar covers the real area, and not degrees.

The Time
  • 6 minutes / 1 degree
  • Speed change: 60 minutes / 1 gradation of speed
  • If the player's asteroid speed is at 1 and it is moving along the equator line, 0,53 of one cell is updated once an hour.
  • If the player's asteroid speed is at 1 and it is moving somewhere near the Pole, 0,053 of one cell is updated.

At that, the number of degrees per hour will not change, but the number of kilometers and radar cells will.

The Oort Cloud
  • The Oort Cloud's circumference (equator) is 59,443,522,700,500 km.
  • One radar cell has approximately 233,111,853,727 km of distance (not area)