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[[File:Tritiy-for-popup22.png]] '''[[Tritium|Tritium]]'''
[[File:Tritiy-for-popup22.png]] '''[[Tritium|Tritium]]'''
[[File:DEYTERIY-demo.jpg]] '''[[Deuterium|Deuterium]]'''
[[File:Deyteriy-for-popup22.png]] '''[[Deuterium|Deuterium]]'''

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Resources are the primary component of the player's progress in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud.


Types of resources:

Cristals.png Crystals

Energy.png Energy

Microchip.png Microchips

Minibot.png Minibots

Ammo.png Ammunition

Credits.png Credits

Tritiy-for-popup22.png Tritium

Deyteriy-for-popup22.png Deuterium