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In the battle, there is a possibility to control movement, shots and shield. The power of some types of ammunition depends on how strong players "pull" their aim.

To move the space ship, players need to hit movement button, pull it and release. Players can also move their ships by "pulling" the aim out from their ships.

Player's ship possess energy that is used to fire cannons and move the ship.

If a ship runs out of energy, players need to wait until it is restored.

Each and every ships has its own shield and HP (number of minibots). When ships take damage, it loses a part of its shield. Once shield is destroyed, ships start to lose HP. Players can restore their ship's shield by clicking corresponding button.

When player's ship loses all its HP (runs out of minibots), the ship destroys.

Players take damage after being shot or after they impact space trash.

Players can leave a battle by clicking "Leave".

After winning a battle, players are rewarded with credits, microchips and experience points.

Note: players do not get any credits if they lose.

In the battle, to control their ships, players can:

  • Click LMB in the management panel and then pull it to desired direction. Then LMB should be released.

The farther players "pull" movement button, the farther their ship goes.

  • Shoot. They need to click LMB on the ammunition button, pull cursor in the direction of a target you

wish to shoot and release it. The farther players "pull" the shooting button, the farther their missile will go.

  • Restore shield. To do that, players need to wait until the progress scale fills up and hit "Shield" icon.

That's your ship

Arena yourship.png

That's the enemy ship


This is a Base shell: it has an endless charge. To fire, click on the icon, drag it, aiming for the enemy, and release Arena firemovement.png

The farther you drag, the farther the missile will fly. If you click a second time, the shot will follow the same trajectory

Movement: click, drag, release and the ship will move

Arena shipmovement.png

This button restores your Shield. The Shield is the protective energy field that surrounds the ship. When the Shield is damaged, click this button to restore it


This scale measures Movement Energy. Any action (shooting, movement, etc.) uses some Movement Energy. Movement Energy is automatically restored

Arena restoreshield.png

If you just click on the bullet icon, the current shot will follow the same trajectory as the previous.

Your aim is to destroy the enemy ship.


You'll take damage from enemy's shooting and also if you go through the obstacles ( space trash).

To finish battle, press Leave button.

You gain experience, credits, microchips and surprises for every battle win. If you lose - you got only experience.