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Spying is a special possibility available to players in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud.

It allows players to examine asteroids that belong to other players or aliens and see what they are capable of, what kind of resources they have as well as their amount.

This is very important for players to survive in the Cloud.

If the player wants to spy on someone's asteroid, he/she needs to:

1) Go to the Oort Cloud.

2) Find an asteroid to spy on.

3) Choose the number of spies to send out.

4) Hit "Send".

Players can accelerate the process by hitting "Teleport" and pay in deuterium.


Players can also send spies by hitting "Espionage" in "Diplomacy" window.

It is impossible to send spies to the enemy asteroid if there is no free espionage slot.

To get the additional one, players need to acquire the science of "Espionage".

The spies start fighting the moment they arrive to the asteroid.

Phases of Espionage

1. Sending.

Players should select the number of spies to send out and click "Send".

2. Breakthrough.

Determines the player's chances to access according to comparison of the player's spies and enemy ones

(please refer to the table of Chances of getting access according to the numbers of your and enemy spies, in %).

Can be enhanced with buffs.

3. Casualties.

Determines the number of casualties on both sides.

Every spy has 1% chance to kill an anti-spy; every anti-spy, however, has 10% chance to kill a spy.

Can be modified with buffs.

4. Infiltration.

Survivor spies are at the enemy base.

While being at the enemy base, the player's spies keep contact with it, even if the base is beyond the radar's reach, until at least one of player's spies is alive or until the player calls them off.

This shows the enemy asteroid in the Cloud allowing the player to attack it.

When the player calls them off, the spies return to the asteroid they have been sent from, or to the primary one, if the first one has been recaptured.

The asteroid the player spied on, can be found in the "Espionage" window.


Access Levels

Information the player can get depends on level of access.

0: no information.

The asteroid is not added to "Espionage" list; surviving spies retreat.

1: shows enemy base.

When the player hits one of the buildings, he/she can see alert message saying “insufficient access level”.

2: shows resources, Generals and Starbase. Allows the player to:

  • open the enemy's Hangar to see its parameters.
  • see resources as well as those that can be robbed (figures under the panel).
  • get information about the buildings by hitting particular one.
  • see Generals.

3: shows the enemy's missions. Allows players to:

  • see all the missions carried out by the enemy
  • hit buttons in the upper panel excluding "Messages" and "Store"

Control buttons are disabled.

4: additional asteroids.

If the player gains access level from 1 to 3, the target will be able to learn their identity.

If the player gains access level 0 OR 4, the target WILL NOT learn exactly who sent their spies to the target's asteroid.

When the player sends spies to someone else's base, their number is deducted, but when they return, it is added. Thus, they can overload the player's warehouses.

The player can always call the spies off, and when he/she does that, the enemy disappears from espionage list instantly.

At that, players can send them again if their target is in their radar's radius. The time their spies arrive to their asteroids depends on distance.

The player can send more spies by hitting "Add spies", and this is possible only once an hour. The player can add spies again only if his/her enemy is in the radius of any asteroid's reach.

If not, the player sees a pop-up window saying the asteroid is beyond his/her radar and offering to send more spies for deuterium.

Level of access is recorded until the player loses contact, all other spies the player sends can only raise his/her level of access.

If it has been increased, even if the player's enemy destroys them, it is enough to send at least one spy so the player does not lose contact. After that, the player can have that level of access.

To speed up missions, the player has to pay in deuterium. This will decrease spying time to 30 seconds, or the player can teleport them instantly.

In addition, the player can pay in deuterium, and use "Auto-espionage Aliens" sending 100 spies to any Alien asteroid he/she finds.

If the player does not have any spies, he/she can not send any. To disable it, the player needs to tick it. This is a 7 day service.

If the player's enemy becomes his/her ally while the player's spies are on his/her asteroid, they are called off.