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Trading is one of the activities available to players in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud.

In order to trade things, players need to acquire the science of Astro-Market and then build one.

At the Market, the player can see offers and demands of other players that are in the area of radar coverage.

Players can not use Astro Market if their Starbase is off.

The price for some resources is set for 10 or 100 units, not 1.

Astro Market turns off automatically 15 minutes before another Lord attacks the player's asteroid freezing all their lots.

Credits are taken from the player's account, held on lot's account and are showed there. If the player cancels auto-purchase, they are returned to their account.

Things the player can sell and purchase:



The player can set the limit of the maximum price and resources that will be purchased automatically.

To activate auto-purchase or auto-sell, the player can purchase a special service in the Premium services window.


Purchasing is performed instantly: credits are deducted and resources or ammunition are delivered to the warehouses.

That does not include warehouse limit of the base and this means players can buy them over limit.


Players can set a lot, define the price and quantity. Resources are taken from the warehouses and transferred to the Astro-Market.

When the player sets a lot, the 10% tax is deducted from specific resource at once.