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Asteroids, in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, is where the player can mine for crystals, construct and upgrade buildings, produce various types of ammunition, workers, explorers, spies, etc.

The player can capture up to 5 additional asteroids, which they can use for mining.



The asteroids are in constant motion. To move their asteroids within the Oort Cloud, the player is required to study the relevant science.

Players can move their asteroids to:

  • Explore nebulas that are rich in crystals and other useful elements
  • Search for victims
  • Trade or find favorable prices on the market
  • Transfer resources
  • Chase their enemies
  • Escape from robbers or invaders
  • Commit clan raids
  • Find safe places in trade zones
  • Be hired by other players to accompany their weak asteroids
  • Explore empty sectors of the outer space (in the area of radar coverage), where players can find resources as well as many other bonuses.