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Robbery is one of the activities available to Astro Lords.

If you wish to rob the enemy asteroid, you need to destroy its StarBase and then go to a portal that will appear in its place.

At that, you are not required to destroy defending ships.

If you destroy the enemy StarBase, it will be restored losing one cannon and radar.

When all the cannons are lost, the StarBase shuts down. Cannons can be repaired manually and require resources to do that.

This is what you can get if you commit a robbery:

Things to take into account

When commiting a robbery, here is what you should take into account.

1. The amount of ammunition loaded to a ship is not counted as the asteroid's warehouse limit; the ship has its own limit.

2. When you rob an alien asteroid, there is a 1% chance to get a random "Rune" as well as 0,01% chance to get an Artifact.

3. If you win, you can rob up to 50% resources the target asteroid has, including those available at the Market and Clan Warehouse.

4. If you commit a robbery with other Astro Lords, your booty will be divided between allies in proportion with their generals levels as well as the number of those who survive and do not retreat.

5. That part of booty that cannot be robbed is equal to capacity of all warehouses, depending on level of science of "Hidden Storage". The science of "Hidden Storage" affects only asteroid's warehouses; it affects neither Market nor Clan Storage.