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'''Classes''' are categories into which '''[[Captains|Captains]]''' are divided in the game of '''Astro Lords: [[Global map - the Oort Cloud|Oort Cloud]]'''.
== Warrior ==
[[File:Ico - lord 1.png]]
* Damage increase
* [[Minibots|Minibot]] production
* Ship's energy
* Ship's shield
Premium ship: '''Frigate'''
== Spy ==
[[File:Ico - lord 2.png]]
*Improved reconnaissance
*Speed of missions
*Persistance of scouts
*Rage of scouts
Premium ship: '''Scout'''
== Navigator ==
[[File:Ico - lord 3.png]]
*Asteroid's movement
*[[Energy|Energy]] for maneuver
*[[Crystals|Crystals]] for maneuver
*Bonuses in the [[Global map - the Oort Cloud|Cloud]]
Premium ship: '''Destroyer'''
== Manufacturer ==
[[File:Ico - lord 4.png]]
* [[Crystals|Crystal]] mining
* Consumption of assembly lines
* Saving [[Resources|resources]]
* Construction speed
Premium ship: '''Battleship'''
== Defender ==
[[File:Ico - lord 5.png]]
*[[Starbase|StarBase]] attack
*Recovery of StarBase
*Ship's shield
*StarBase's durability
Premium ship: '''Atlantis'''
== Cyborg ==
[[File:Ico - lord 6.png]]
*Production of [[Workers|workers]]
*Order of [[Cyborgs|cyborgs]]
*Ship's durability
*Production of [[Spies|spies]]
Premium ship: '''Cruiser'''
== Scientist ==
[[File:Ico - lord 7.png]]
*General's experience
*Energy consumption
*Ship's energy
*Maximum damage
Premium ship: '''Titan'''

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Classes are categories into which Captains are divided in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud.