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This is the asteroid's central building. It produces energy and conducts fundamental and applied research in all scientific fields.

Within the Center, there is storage space for crystals, ammunition, microchips and minibots as well as accommodation facilities for cyborgs.

This is also where global monitoring center is located. It monitors data regarding each building and production conducted.

When the player upgrades their Control Center, the scientific progress of their asteroid increases as well as production of energy,

storage limit for crystals, ammunition, microchips, minibots and population limit.

Once the player upgrades the Control Center to levels 6, 11, 16 and 21, it opens new mining sectors on the asteroid.

Level 1

Build / Upgrade Time: 5 m.

Crystals: 250

Microchips: 0

Credits: 250

Power to build: 0

Workers to maintain: 0

Power to run: 0

Science points produced: 1,000

Energy produced: 15

Cyborgs stored: 30

Microchips stored: 150

Ammunition stored: 15

Crystals stored: 500

Minibots stored: 100

Level 2

Build / Upgrade time: 3 h.

Crystals required: 1,000

Microchips required: 0

Credits required: 1,000

Power to build: 20

Workers to build: 15

Workers to maintain: 0

Power to run: 0

Science points produced: 1,500

Energy produced: 30

Cyborgs stored: 45

Microchips stored: 375

Ammunition stored: 20

Crystals stored: 750

Minibots stored: 250