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Objects in the Cloud are special objects available to players in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud. When exploring the Oort Cloud, players can find and interact with these objects.

Unidentified objects


Unidentified objects can be examined by explorers dispatched there by the player.

Once examined, more information will be provided about the object.

Ship shards


Ship shards are the debris from destroyed spaceships, where the player can find microchips.

Each explorer can bring up to 5 microchips back to the asteroid.

Asteroid shards

Asteroid shards.png

Asteroid shards are the remains of asteroids, where the players can find crystals.

Each explorer can bring up to 50 crystals back to the asteroid.

Empty asteroid


Empty asteroids can be captured by the player to become secondary asteroids.

Alien asteroid

Alien asteroids are those that belong to the Alien Race (AI).

These alien asteroids can be attacked by the player in order to steal resources.

Tritium Boss

Tritium Boss is a special object in the Oort Cloud, where players can find a Boss Challenge Card.

Forerunner Obelisk

A special object in the Oort Cloud created by an unknown race known as the Forerunners. No one knows their exact purpose. Some believe the Obelisks could have been space stations or probes.

There are quite a few of them in green and violet nebulae. This is a place where explorers may find surprises, Runes, Artifacts, Officers and even tritium.

Some Obelisks are protected by cult members who worship the Runes. If an Obelisk is protected by them, the disciples will pay bribe with credits so that the explorers forget the location of this Obelisk.


Nebulas are special areas in the Oort Cloud, which contain various bonuses.

Trade Station


Trade Stations are special objects in the Oort Cloud, which are located in a heliostationary orbit.

There is an immunity mandate, which applies to any Lord in a Trade Station radius, as well as an extended trade radius for anyone who is located there.

There is a possibility to automatically purchase goods at optimal price.

Asteroids of other players


These are the asteroids, which belong to other Astro Lords. The player can send spies to observe and sabotage other asteroids and commit robberies against them.

If it is a secondary asteroid, the player can also attempt to capture it from the owner.