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1. How do I extend the Officer?

You need to purchase a contract at the Store (Improvements tab), go to the Hangar and then apply the contract on the Officer.

2. Where can I get tritium ?

There are several ways to do that: 
- win a battle against Aliens/Bosses at the Arena (if there is a tritium reward)
- purchase it at the Auction 
- destroy an alien asteroid in the Oort Cloud.

3. How often do you update merchandise at the Store?

Every 12 hours. If you wish, you can also update it manually and pay with deuterium.

4. What do I need to have if I want to fight with Alien Bosses?

You need a level 6+ Captain. 

5. How can I find an alien asteroid?

You need to explore the unknown objects.

6. How do I know how much tritium I will get, if I defeat an alien asteroid?

You need to send spies to this asteroid. If you succeed, you will be able to inspect it.

7. I'm trying to sell my stuff at the Store, but I don't get any credits. Why?

All funds are translated to your coupon wallet at the Store. It covers up to 50% of any item you purchase there.

8. My Captain has stopped gaining experience. What happened?

There are 3 reasons why Captains stop gaining experience: 
1) You do not have enough microchips to pay him. Also, if you do not have enough microchips, some of his skills may be disabled. 
2) You have reached the science's limit that prevents Captains from growing. In this case, you need to upgrade the science of "Captains Mastery", 
3) Your Captain has reached the 50th level, which is the highest level available at the moment.

9. How do I get a new Captain?

You need to acquire the science of "Captains" ("Management" tab). Then add a new one by clicking "ADD" in the bottom panel.

10. How do I invite my friend to join me in the battle?

1) Add your friend as a contact. 
2) Create a battle at the Arena. 
3) Click "Invite" and choose your friend in the pop-up menu. 
After that every participant has to confirm their participation.

11. I ran out of resources. What should I do?

You need to go to the Arena and start a Training battle. 
On the battlefield, among space trash, you can pick up surprises with resources. 
If you win, you will get all of them as a reward.

12. I don't have enough energy / workers.

There are 2 ways to solve this issue: 
1) Build or upgrade a Power Plant / produce more workers at the Cyborg Factory. 
2) Pause other building(s). To do this, click on the building you'd like to pause, and then click "Pause".

13. How can ally with other players?

1) Acquire the science of Alliances.
2) Choose a player in the messages or ratings section in the top panel. 
3) Open his/her profile and hit "Propose an alliance". 
To see your alliances, hit "Diplomacy" in the top panel.

14. How do I get the additional asteroid?

First, make sure that the science of "Domains" (Management tab) allows you to have one. 
Then you need to find any asteroid in the Oort Cloud and capture it.

15. How do I move my Captain to another asteroid?

In the Oort Cloud, click on your asteroid and then choose Move Captain (the icon with a plus sign near the ship).

16. How do I transfer resources from one asteroid to another?

To do that, go to the Oort Cloud. Click on your asteroid and then choose Transportation.

17. How do I transfer ammunition from one asteroid to another?

You can move ammunition only when you move your Captain(s). 
You need to unload the equipped ammunition once your Captain arrives to another asteroid.

18. My StarBase is off. How do I turn it on?

1) Go to the Hangar.
2) Choose Defence tab. 
3) Make sure that at least one of your cannons is active (not broken) and hit "Activate".