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Tritium – the rarest resource, equal to Deuterium.

Tritium can be mined on alien asteroids or found in rare green nebulae of unidentified objects. You can also get it by accepting an Alien or Boss challenge at the Arena, and winning against their team.

You can buy tritium for credits at the Auction.

The ability to send out spies beyond the reach of your radar, and certain rare enhancements, can be purchased at the Shop for tritium only.

It is the most valuable element in the Oort Cloud as it is the key component and source of energy in the production of defense domes for asteroids, shield generators for ships and Star-Bases, space engines, and powerful weaponry.

You can get Tritium:

- mined on alien asteroids;

- found in rare green nebulae of unidentified objects;

- winning against Bosses or Alien;

- buy at Auction for Credits.